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Day 1 on 4 July 2019


Official opening of inaugural AERO South Africa Exhibition

Day 2 on 5 July 2019


In 2014 the research and development department was established as a core group to develop mature innovative technologies. A brief history of achievements will be showcased. Owing-to the well-established partnerships with various universities and research institution local and abroad, Aerosud has made excellent progress leading various technologies. The research group is comprised of two focus area, metallic, composite and computational mechanics. The metallic group investigates additive manufacturing and forming technologies. The composite group investigates thermoset and thermoplastic technologies. The computational mechanics group investigates stress analysis methods and workflow automation for certification. A brief overview of the group's studies and achievements will be showcased.

Speaker - Jean-Pierre Serfontein

Day 3 on 6 July 2019

The Safety-First Campaign was initiated in 2013 and has been successful in visiting Airfields, Flight Schools and Training Facilities around the Country to advocate Safety amongst the Recreational Aviation pilots. The Safety First Aviator theme for the 2019 Financial Year is Normalisation of Deviance. Once we have rationalized our need to take shortcuts often enough, reinforced with positive (successful outcomes), the shortcut becomes the new standard of behaviour. It becomes the new “normal.” Once this happens on a large scale, no one within the organization can see the shortcomings in the behaviour because it now seems normal. How big is Normalisation of Deviance in recreational aviation in South Africa? We have 5 presenters all in different fields explaining how deviances effect their industry in recreational Aviation.

Speakers - Cobus Toerien, Piet Fourie, Santjie White, Mike Boywer, Kylee Burnett

*Program subject to change, the organiser reserves the right to change the program*