Kishungu Aviation

 Kishugu is a global leader in Integrated Fire Management Services (IFMS) with a wealth of international experience and a strategic approach to IFMS. Kishugu has over 7,000 full-time wildfire firefighters and 1,200 fire prevention workers on three continents backed up by fleets of vehicles, firefighting aircraft and a command and control infrastructure. Kishugu Aviation is the air wing of Kishugu and provides a wide range of specialist aircraft and highly skilled pilots to clients that require the services of a professional, independent aviation company. We are renowned for providing the aerial support to the South African Governments’ Department of Environmental Affairs (Expanded Public Works) Working on Fire Programme (WOF) as well as a full portfolio of aviation training courses through our Aviation Training Organisation (ATO), a licensed Aviation Maintenance Organisation (AMO), extensive charter and other aerial work, which includes anti-poaching.