Why participate at Aero Expo South Africa

01. Interact with industry professionals and buyers

02. Generate new sales leads

03. Nurture relationships and interact with your customers

04. Create brand awareness

05. Launch new products and services to the industry

06. Demo flights by leading manufacturers

07. Wonderboom’s biggest fly-in

08. South African’s first park & sell aircraft market


Who will exhibit?

If you fall into one of the following categories, then this event is a must for your business:

01. Ultralight and glider manufacturers/distributors

02. Light/medium aircraft manufacturers/distributors

03. Helicopter manufacturers/distributors

04. Fuel, oil and lubricant suppliers to the aviation industry

05. Parts and accessories suppliers to the aviation industry

06. Hanger rental companies

07. Avionics manufacturers/distributors

08. Catering companies

09. Airport management companies

10. Aircraft refurbishing companies

11. Uniform suppliers

12. Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle suppliers/RPAs

13. Finance and insurance houses

14. Safety, security service and firefighting equipment suppliers

15. Aviation support and pilot training schools

16. Hanger and other infrastructure development companies

17. Tooling and workshop equipment