Cobus Toerien

Chairman Accident Analysis and Prevention Committee – ALPA – SA retired SFO A330 / 340 and CRM facilitator at SAA

Joined the Air Force in 1974 and after completing training on Harvard, Impalas and a BMil degree, completed operational tours at 8 Squadron [Impalas] and 3 Squadron [Mirage F1CZ], before becoming the Officer Commanding 2 Squadron, the “Flying Cheetahs,” flying Cheetah types for 5 years. Joined SAA in 1999 as an Accident Investigator, Flight Safety Manager and CRM facilitator, before commencing flying on the Boeing 738, Airbus 330 & 340, till retirement in February 2019, with a total of 12 000 flying hours, of which 2000 on Supersonic types! Chairman of the Accident Analysis and Prevention Committee and EXCO member at the Airline Pilots Association, representing ALPA on the National Safety 1st Campaign since 2016, whilst ‘freelancing’ as Safety / SMS / CRM facilitator & advisor.