African Pilot

African Pilot is a niche market specialist aviation magazine that has been publishing uninterrupted for the past eighteen years. Readers can expect glossy layouts with a modern ‘coffee table’ look featuring South African, African and World Aviation reporting, interesting facts about aviation, historical features and General Commercial Aviation news. African Pilot is the only African aviation magazine that strives and is most successful at covering most Southern African aviation events. African Pilot is also on line as an electronic publication that mirrors the paper edition: The monthly magazine is complemented by a FREE weekly APAnews that brings readers up-to-date with scheduled aviation events both in Africa as well as the remainder of the world. In addition, APAnews carries ‘breaking news’ articles with pictures on developments within the exciting world of aviation. Once you register for APAnews it will arrive FREE on your computer or tablet every week throughout the year. African Pilot is interested in supporting your business within the monthly aviation magazine, APAnews and within the complete aviation industry.