Adrian McHardy

Regional Sales Manager – Asia Pacific, M.E. Africa. Lycoming Engines

Adrian McHardy is from New Zealand, and is the Regional Sales Manager for Asia Pacific, Middle East, & Africa for Lycoming Engines. In this role, he is responsible for leading the growth and direction of our International distribution partners and OEM’s in his region by promoting Lycoming products and services. McHardy is based in New Zealand for Lycoming. As an International Regional Manager, McHardy is involved with the direct support of several OEM aircraft manufacturers and authorized distributors worldwide. Mchardy has also led efforts to develop the emerging market in China and within his large global region. Mr. McHardy was directly involved in the design, development and flight testing of several new aircraft and continues to provide dedicated technical support to the OEM’s and their customers. Mr. McHardy has been at Lycoming for twenty-five years in his role as an International manager. Prior to joining Lycoming Mr. McHardy has worked as an international technical specialist and a sales role for a number of well-known international Lycoming Distributors in the Asia Pacific region. With a 40+ year background in aviation, McHardy possesses multiple aircraft engineering licences as well an ICAO type 1 & type II Engineers licence. Including NZCAA, CASA, EASA. He also holds a private pilot’s licence. McHardy ‘s educational background includes a NZCE-Aircraft Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (Aero), and an MBA.